Brazil Affected Most by Cryptojacking Coinhive: Iranian Cybersecurity Authority

Article by · October 10, 2018 ·

In an earlier report, Iran’s country’s cybersecurity authority revealed that the highest number of recorded cases of Coinhive cryptojacking software have occurred in Brazil.

In 2017, the Iranian authority’s report on malware revealed that Brazil, which is the country with the most reported incidents, has been affected for more than 81,000 times by Coinhive. India was the second nation affected with around 29,000, then followed by Indonesia with over 23,000, whereas Iran has about 11,000.

Coinhive is a cryptocurrency mining software that mines Monero (XMR). It offers an Application Programming Interface (API) to developers, which allows the developer to utilize a website visitors’ CPU resources to transact the privacy-centered altcoin.

An investigation in May shows that about 300 websites globally has malicious code which would result in a device being affected with Coinhive without the users knowing.  Currently, the software was excluded from League of Legends Philippines, an the investigation is ongoing by police in Japan on a cryptojacking incident with Coinhive that was used as malware.

On the issue of Iran precisely, the capital Tehran was found out by CERTCC to be the most infected with 606 reports, then followed by Esfahan with 244.

“It is expected to be one of the security challenges in years to come,” according to the report’s authors.

According to a report, in 2018, the total malware reports increased by almost 500 percent. Analysis done in June indicated that about 5 percent of the overall circulating Monero supply was mined by adopting such illegal procedures.

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