D.C Blockchain Innovators Forum Discuss the Future of Blockchain Technology

Article by · February 26, 2018 ·

The future of blockchain technology would be the topic of discussion when young innovators in the industry gather in DC.

What Does the Future of Blockchain Entail?

The second Digital Asset Investment Forum (DAIF) was held in Washington D.C., with FinTech4Good hosting the event. The event led to the birth of the DC Blockchain Incubator and Energy Blockchain Leadership Committee.

In attendance at the event were executives in virtually all sectors of the industry as they discussed how the blockchain technology will change the industry in the future just like the development of the internet has changed the global landscape.

Some questions were asked at the event such as the value of blockchain to existing applications, the most exciting and promising startup models, and also how to develop a strong ecosystem for the healthy creation of digital assets investments.

Samson Williams, Partner, Axes and Eggs speaking at the event stated the need for entrepreneurs in the D.C area to be accessible to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This will make them very pro-active in developing the proper regulations that will help boost the blockchain industry.

Wallace Lynch the founder of Alpha Token at the event discussed on ways to make ICOs work in businesses across the world by creating products that have real value and that are based on the specific need of the customers. This will make them more superior to the traditional products.

Maomao Hu co-founder of Kora talked about using the technology-powered systems in Africa to empower the people in the region and their banking industry.

Zhijun Zhang of the World Bank group discussed the use of blockchain in third world countries so as to help individuals that have no identities get recognized by their respective governments.

He stated that “I see a lot of potential in blockchain applications. For example, in the digital identity space, there are at least 1 billion people in developing countries who don’t have official identities.”

A critical look at the event shows that it was centered on the great potential that exists in the blockchain industry. Some of the speakers at the event talked about the volatility of digital assets and crypto markets at the moment and the potential for a bubble later on.

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