Denmark Joins The EU Blockchain Partnership A It Looks To Boost Local Businesses Using Blockchain Technology

Article by · June 5, 2018 ·

Denmark yesterday announced its declaration to become of the EU member states that support pan-EU blockchain standards and solutions. This latest development was reported by local news outlet Finans Watch, which added that Denmark will be joining other 24 countries that are already part of the EU blockchain partnership.

According to the reports, this group was formed on April 10 this year during the European Commission’s Digital Day with the sole purpose of increasing cooperation amongst the EU member states for developing the blockchain technology.

While commenting on this latest development after signing the declaration yesterday Brian Mikkelsen, the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs stated that the country will be “the first country in the world [to] use blockchain technology to register ships in the Danish ship registers.”

Talking further about blockchain technology, he stated that “Blockchain goes across borders, and a joint European cooperation is crucial to ensure future-proof standards and solutions. So I’m very pleased that we have now signed this declaration.”

Mikkelson praised the government for putting together the Disruption Council who he admires for thinking outside the box. He stated that the council is currently exploring blockchain use for the business sector.

The blockchain technology has been receiving wide acceptance and adoption from not only businesses and companies but also from governments all over the globe. Yesterday, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports revealed its blockchain solution that will lead to an increased efficiency in their shipping and logistics sector. Last month, the CEO of FedEx termed blockchain as the “next frontier” for global supply chains.

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